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Girls Travel U12-U14 Tryouts

Girls Travel tryouts for the U12-U14 will be Sun Oct 9th
at the Page Center.
U12 & U13: 12:00 - 1:30
U14: 1:30 - 3:00

There will only be one primary tryout date, please make all efforts to attend!
Click here for more information
Registration is open! CLICK HERE to sign up.


Prevail Conditioning

Prevail Conditioning Performance Center has emerged as a leader in the Strength and Conditioning and Sports Performance Industry.  With over 40 years of expertise and experience training athletes ages 6 years old through Professional/Olympic and Masters athletes, we have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your athletic goals.

Prevail’s Methods and Philosophy utilizes the Long Term Athletic Development Model and is, therefore, age appropriate.  From ages 7-11, the emphasis is on development of basic strength and speed movements and injury prevention through movement exploration and training through games.  Ages 12-14 encompasses the second developmental age group focusing on technique and exploring true strength, power and energy system development as well as building the foundations for athleticism.  Ages 15 onward move into the final developmental stage of potentiating athleticism and strength/power abilities as well as sport specific training protocols.


Example Training Session:

5 min Soft Tissue (Pre Workout)

15 min Warm Up: Tissue Temperature, Mobility/Flexibility, Corrective Patterns, And Neural Preparation

15 min Athletic Movement Drills, Athletic Power Development, Core Stability

15-20 min Strength: Complexes of Upper Body and Lower Body with both bilateral and unilateral Sport related movements

10-15 minutes of Game Play/Energy System Development 


Prevail Address:

417 Santa Barbara St B1

Santa Barbara, CA 93101


Contact Prevail at with any questions or concerns.